Institutional Sellers

Infinity Wealth works with numerous lenders throughout the US with assets located throughout Arizona. Please see our Satisfied Client list.

In servicing our institutional partners, we:

  • Value the REO property
  • Secure and Stabilize
  • Repair and make Ready (flooring, paint, carpentry, etc.)
  • Position the property in the market
  • Implement a Marketing Strategy
  • Sell REO property quickly and smoothly

INFINITY WEALTH helps you determine the value of property given the current market conditions, and integrates the most effective sales strategy for each assignment.

It takes a well-crafted marketing plan, customized for each property, and flawless execution of the plan, to obtain optimal market pricing for real estate. The Plan will involve a targeted approach for each property class, and the most likely buyers will be identified and targeted.

Infinity Wealth, in effect, becomes your Arizona Branch Office, without the overhead!

In addition, we are property owners ourselves, so we have an owner’s perspective to HELP YOUR BOTTOM LINE!

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Infinity Wealth Real Estate

Infinity Wealth Real Estate is a full-service real estate brokerage firm focused on maximizing our clients’ real estate potential in the Arizona region. Our agents have hands-on ownership experience in both residential and commercial real estate, translating into better insights and consultation for our clients.