About Us

Infinity Wealth Real Estate was founded by Tyler Stone, an accomplished Real Estate Broker and Investor with extensive real estate marketing, purchasing, ownership, and management experience. In addition to extensive real estate and marketing expertise, each staff member contributes professional efficiency, allowing Infinity Wealth Real Estate to maximize your real estate efforts through:

  • Superior Market Knowledge
  • Ability to Locate High Return Properties
  • Advanced Marketing Strategies
  • Ability to Directly Connect Buyers and Sellers
  • Excellent Customer Service

We have many kinds of properties available, and are consistently the best REO organization in Arizona.

Whatever your goals, Infinity Wealth Real Estate has the knowledge, relationships, tools, and infrastructure to successfully meet your Real Estate and REO goals.

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Infinity Wealth Real Estate

Infinity Wealth Real Estate is a full-service real estate brokerage firm focused on maximizing our clients’ real estate potential in the Arizona region. Our agents have hands-on ownership experience in both residential and commercial real estate, translating into better insights and consultation for our clients.